Genre: Hard Day / Techno / Trance
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What feels like A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far Far Away (i.e. 2010), I had made this mix to listen to during the blustery winter months and also as the audio accompaniment for a short story I was writing. I had previously experimented with using my Facebook wall as a way to tell a story throughout the day for people to read in real time. I thought it might be fun to try that again but with a musical soundtrack, so I prepared this mix and then had a premier performance wherein I played the mix and typed out a short story on my Wall. It turned out okay. I still like the concept and the execution wasn’t terrible, but I definitely think the story could have flowed better and perhaps I should have written an outline ahead of time. Always learn what could be done better next time; regardless…

The music and story capture those long dark nights and short wet days of the winter months and how people often find themselves lost in their heads and creating realities out of delusions. It can be a time of hardship but also a time for accepting the warmth and light from those wanting to support you.

When I had first released this mix oh so long ago, I thought the portmanteau of Escapegoat (escape+scapegoat) was interesting. I named this “Always the Escapegoat, Never the Escape” but I quickly realized I didn’t like that as a long title. Escapegoat almost works as a standalone, but it was needing to be changed. Since Paul Crik encourages us to tackle the One Thing in the opening track of this mix, I decided this would be that One Thing I could crush. Then, since I was already in The Zone, I realized I could revamp this website too. Looks like I accomplished both. I’m glad I did too.
So I guess that means I am still killin’ it.
You can too.

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Killin’ It with Paul Crik – Hard Day
Ben Folds & Nick Hornby – Lonely Avenue – Nonesuch
Benza – if – SUB
Vishnudata – Vishnudata – Exogenic
Fuzzion – Free Tibet – Boshke Beats
Loopus in Fabula – Fizzy Beats – Fabula Records
XV Kilist & Rocco – XV Kilist & Rocco – Traktor Schalllabor
Prometheus – Spike – Twisted
Disco Hooligans – Darjeeling Express – Ektoplazm
Fools and Tools – Itchy and Scratchy (unreleased mix)
Shiwa 2000 – Portinfarttijan Hyppypiertari – Hippie Killer
James Reipas – This is Not Fashion – Demon Tea
Keramick & Lobo – Answers (Maekinen Remix) – Exogenic
Deviant Electronics – Blunt Instruments – Blue Room Released
The Beatles – Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band – Apple

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