Podcasts are great
In addition to my own podcast Resonate with Teacher A’damn, I like to listen to podcasts made by others! I listen to some more regularly than others and others less regularly than some…

Here are the ones I regularly listen to…ish

Dan Harmon speaks to me… whether it’s his scripted shows or his conversational podcast, Dan Harmon understands parts of my brain in ways that are special. Listening to his weekly podcast is rather cathartic and is also generally filled with little reminders for story writing.

The Daily
Twenty minutes of news. Perfect for the morning as you pack your lunch. If you’re not packing a lunch, maybe you should… and you can listen to this podcast while doing that. I literally listen to this every morning before work. It’s made by the New York Times, is high quality journalism, and is worthy of your time.

Democracy Now!
Look, I’m gonna be real here… I can only make it through an episode about once a week at most. It’s great news coverage, you should be subscribed to it and listen to it. Shit’s real out there in the world and sometimes Democracy Now! feels a little thick and hyperbolic and that frustrates me, but in general, they legit. Listen… at least once a week…

Speak Out with Tim Wise
Tim Wise talks about race and racism in the USA. Is it always comfortable? No. Is this a conversation worth having? Absolutely. Tim is a well studied and researched person and he recognizes that story and the act of arc and connection are what brings people together. It’s good that people like Tim Wise are out there speaking out.

The Hilarious World of Depression
The Hilarious World of Depression is a series of frank, moving, and, yes, funny conversations with top comedians who have dealt with this disease, hosted by veteran humorist and public radio host John Moe.

Adam Ruins Everything is an extension/spin-off of the fantastic television show of the same name. The show has been out for a few seasons and it’s quite wonderful. It’s like Good Eats crossed with Penn and Teller’s Bullshit. They take a specific topic and unpack various misunderstandings and post their citations for credible evidence. The podcast is Adam chatting with the various experts who have soundbites and short monologs on the television show, but here they are not edited down and they get into a more deep and rich conversation.

Sincerely X
Curation is a radio must. TED Talks have been curating great talks for years and now they use the anonymity feature of a podcast to host talks by people who wish to remain anonymous. It’s a really well done podcast with a great curation of speakers and topics.

A relatively new podcast about different tech related things. Gets into some of the limitations and paranoia of topics like someone hacking your car without you knowing it… kind of relevant if only because we are totally living in the future and it’s mostly awesome.

Ear Hustle
This is a podcast made at the San Quentin prison by two people serving time and another person from out in the community. I’m real thankful that we live in a time where technology can bring us stuff like this. It’s great and our entire criminal justice system needs some serious restructuring…

Lavar Burton Reads
Lavar Burton picks a short story (anywhere from 20 up to 45 minutes in length) and reads it. Mostly sci-fi, but not entirely. Definitely all fiction though. I’m kind of shocked it took this long to make this a thing, but I’m glad it happened.

Judge John Hodgman is a great People’s Court style podcast of a judge show. It’s silly and a nice distraction from the more serious things. It’s also been around for about six-years, so there is a lot to catch up on and is easy to pop in when needing a mental break and laugh.

The Feels Terrible is a relationship podcast hosted by Erin McGathy. She used to date, and then be married to, Dan Harmon (of Harmontown, Community, and Rick and Morty). He podcasts features different guests talking about relationships, love, breakups, and all the between. Good stuff.

Doug Loves Movies is Doug Benson being ridiculous with other comedians and loosely talking about movies. It features some stupid games and kind of makes no sense; but that’s what Doug Benson does…

The New Washington
This is a spinoff of The Daily. It picks a specific person in the political arena and explores who they are. It’s about 20 minutes and is only once per week. It’s only been airing since summer ’17, so maybe the format will get stale with time, but thus far, it’s good information.

Conversations with People who Hate me
This podcast hits me. I love that the show makes me explore the reasons I am confronted by mixed feelings of annoyance with the host and genuine appreciation for the host’s technique and results. This is a great example of how positive human connection is the only true solution for solving a portion of the problems with the world.

I honestly don’t listen to these as much as I used to, but… it’s RadioLab. I keep it refreshed and have enjoyed their recent shows about how to fake voices, news, and manipulate facts. Radio is a unique format and I am a true believer in it. RadioLab understands this same approach and I will always be curious about what they are up to.

The Bernie Sanders Show
yeah… it’s old-white-man-yells-about-things… kind of. I mean, he’s no Andy Rooney. Andy Rooney was a gem. A true hero among the greats… but Bernie’s got some shit to say at times. It’s not a super regular podcast, and it’s only about 20 minutes, so get worked up a bit and listen to Bernie and friends share some information.

Song Exploder
An artist will break down the components of a single song. Whether you’re a music nerd or not, it’s a nice window into the creative process.

Alton Browncast
Okay… so this one hasn’t had a new episode in a long time and it might not come back. But if you haven’t listened to it yet, since it’s not a timely news podcast, you can still learn to love it. It’s pretty great stuff if you like Alton Brown… which I do… he’s a good one…

-Teacher A’damn