Oral Hygiene

I’ve been considering what to do with this here webspace for a while now and I’m thinking about writing reviews.

I used to write music reviews back when I hosted a radio show and enjoy breaking down specific differentiators of individual items, so maybe I could do that again. When considering what to review, what would likely be different than everything else on the Internet, I got to thinking about my love of toothpaste.

I have about a dozen toothpastes, often rotating through different flavors and types, and I’ve been doing this for over a decade. I do this for multiple reasons: grab items when on sale; variety and boredom; not sure about fluoride, baking soda, gel, paste, xylitol, whitening; etc.

This has led to discovery of myself things I appreciate about different toothpastes. Which flavors I like, which textures I don’t, which ones foam best, which ones seem utterly useless, which are too sweet, which are very much not-so; it’s great. I also feel I likely brush my teeth more than I would otherwise, but I’ve also done this so long, it’s hard to think of another way.

When I travelled overseas for three-weeks this past summer, I packed three different tubes with me and was glad I had.

So stay tuned! Maybe you’ll find a new favorite in here =)


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