More New Podcasts!

In addition to the newest episode of Resonate with Teacher A’damn, there are a couple of new podcasts made by others that I have been digging…

Judge John Hodgman is a great People’s Court style podcast of a judge show. It’s silly and a nice distraction from the more serious things. It’s also been around for about six-years, so there is a lot to catch up on and is easy to pop in when needing a mental break and laugh.

The Feels Terrible is a relationship podcast hosted by Erin McGathy. She used to date, and then be married to, Dan Harmon (of Harmontown, Community, and Rick and Morty). The podcasts feature different guests talking about relationships, love, breakups, and all the between. Good stuff.

Doug Loves Movies is Doug Benson being ridiculous with other comedians and loosely talking about movies. It features some stupid games and kind of makes no sense; but that’s what Doug Benson does…

Adam Ruins Everything is an extension/spin-off of the fantastic television show of the same name. The show has been out for a few seasons and it’s quite wonderful. It’s like Good Eats crossed with Penn and Teller’s Bullshit. They take a specific topic and unpack various misunderstandings and post their citations for credible evidence. The podcast is Adam chatting with the various experts who have soundbites and short monologs on the television show, but here they are not edited down and they get into a more deep and rich conversation.

The podcast list keeps growing!
I’m sure there will be more too…

-Teacher A’damn

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