Hoppy Solstice!


Genre: Solstice Goa Trance

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…June’s a great month.

The temperature is about as peak as I can go without it impacting my sense of self and my interactions with others.

The days are long, the gardens smell great, people all dress up a bit more and look a touch more flirty. June is psymply fantastic.

In addition to the above, there is of course the USA version of 604 Day (June 4th); Kids get out of school; Flag Day…

Good ol’ Flag Day

Aren’t they special?
They look harmless but don’t a lot of people ultimately end up dying because of a blind faith to the symbol? Maybe we need a singular flag for the entire globe. Maybe we should have blind faith in something different… psymething universal… 😉 lol


Anyway, not only that stuff, but June also has Summer Solstice. The solstices and equinoxes are all delightful, each in their own way and, while listening to a bunch of music and working in my garden last weekend, I decided to come inside to record a little mix and capture the energy of this time of year.

If you’re needing a quick blast of some funky, acidic, goa trance; here’s a <90 minute journey for your pleasure. Featuring some tracks I’ve played before and others you may not know, from artists such as: Doof, Green Nuns of the Revolution, Hired Goonz, Huopatossu Mononen, Lemon Slide, Loopus in Fabula, Mandalavandalz, Oforia, Outolintu, Satori, Save the Robot, Snake Thing, Ticon, and X-Dream.

Hoppy Solstice everyone!

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[artist — song]
Lemon Slide – Peachy Beach Bitchez
Ticon – Elt
X-Dream – We Created our own Happiness (Oforia Remix)
Outolintu – Shizzlin Da Varible
Save the Robot – Lowrider (Save the Robot Remix)
Hired Goonz – Damn Racoon
Huopatossu Mononen – Paluumatkailija
Doof – Star Above Parvati (Original Mix)
Satori – Razor
Green Nuns Of The Revolution – Ring of Fire
Snake Thing – Gizmo
Mandalavandalz – Shingen Takeda (Kofu Temple Remix)
Loopus in Fabula – Yellowjackets

Download/Stream Audio: teacherAdam-hoppySolstice.mp3





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