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Genre: Nu-Grebo

Once upon a time I used to host a radio show and a podcast.

I think it’s time to start that up again with a new format. The podcast will simply be whatever is resonating within me that needs to be shared. Yup… it’s kind of that simple and stupid. But hey, sharing music is what I do and this seems like a fun way to continue doing what I love doing. Depending on how I’m feeling at the time, each podcast will be entirely linked to whatever is resonating within me at that time.

Over the past year, I have started a new job and career, bought a house, started living alone, began gardening, and have began settling into my new self while I explore the various components of who I am… and it’s been good. Life is a weird journey of this and that, some of which divert into areas that are hard to truly qualify with words, but that journey is still an undertaking that will never be surpassed and it needs a good soundtrack.

I’m grateful to have found myself in the company of those who I currently share space with. They are wicked smart and empathic human beings and it’s good to know that these people have filled the seats of public service in the town I call home. I’m also thankful to have a home to be creative in, space to grow food, and projects to learn.

As I’ve settled into myself this year, I’ve began dancing, connecting, and resonating with music and nature more and more. This has led to me dancing around the office, up the street on breaks, and around my home as I go about my day. I’ve begun getting stopped and comments made about my dancing and vibrations… which made me think that maybe I should share what moves me with others. Maybe what resonates with me will resonate with you.

I decided to compile a mix of some of the choicest cuts that have been resonating in my world throughout the summer and share that music with you in this here new podcast! If you want to know the track list in advance, you may click on the spoiler button below and get a glimpse into the music you’ll be hearing; however, if you’re a brave soul, I encourage you to listen without peeking, as it makes for a more fun journey.

The music ranges from the likes of Leonard Cohen, Tom Petty, and Regina Spektor, to Soulwax, Ticon, and Gorillaz. It’s a good spread of the sounds that have resonated my life this year and I’ll be posting new podcasts as I journey through the seasons. Thank you for stopping by and I hope you hear something that you like…


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[artists – track]
Beyond the Wizard Sleeve – Third Mynd
Junk City Zero – Garage
The Verve – Lucky Man
Leonard Cohen – Traveling Light
Damon Albarn – Mr. Tembo
The Rolling Stones – You Can’t Always Get What You Want (Soulwax Remix)
Gorillaz – Some Kind of Nature
St. Vincent – Los Ageless
Regina Spektor – While my Guitar Gently Weeps
Hafdis Huld – One of Those Things
James – Dear John
Dead Milkmen – Guitar Song
Graham Coxon – If You Want Me
Pink Floyd – Eclipse / Brain Damage
Ticon – Rip It Up
New Order – Temptation (white label)
Cindy Lauper – Time After Time
Tom Petty – You Don’t Know How It Feels
Fried Kale – 6904

-Teacher A’damn

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