Oral Hygiene

I’ve been considering what to do with this here webspace for a while now and I’m thinking about writing reviews.

I used to write music reviews back when I hosted a radio show and enjoy breaking down specific differentiators of individual items, so maybe I could do that again. When considering what to review, what would likely be different than everything else on the Internet, I got to thinking about my love of toothpaste.

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Hoppy Solstice!


Genre: Solstice Goa Trance
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A Year in Fashion

I made a thing.

At no point, in 2018, did I ever wear the same shirt+tie+glasses combination…

Make Good Choices…


Temporary Hiatus!

There was a great tragedy at FABULOUS! Studios and, unfortunately, my ability to produce music of any kind, including radio shows, has been sadly… destroyed (literally). So we have to take a brief pause. Things are getting rebuilt in a better and stronger manner and we’re hoping to be broadcasting again early in 2018.

Thank you for tuning in and I look forward to sharing some new music and ideas with you soon!